Types OF Visa

Entry Type & Validity Entry Type & Visa Validity Tourist visas are generally valid from 01 day to 30 days, business visas are generally valid from 01 day to 06 months or longer they can be for single, double or multiple entries this is decided upon each application by the visa officer in accordance with consular or immigration laws or ruling and/or by the details supplied by each applicant’s needs or request. The final decision is up to the consular offices. Transit visas are issued for a maximum of 5 days there are two types of transit visas a “Transit visa” for 1-5 days and “Airport transit visa”.

A Transit visa for 1-5 days, single or double entry is issued to travel for some countries which allows you to enter into a country for a short stop over and carry on your journey to your main destination  The requirement to have this visa is an exception to the general right to transit without a visa through the countries international transit area. Visa fees will vary according to visa type (single or multiple) and nationality Business visas do not allow the applicant to work. A work permit must be applied for separately. The visa sticker itself stipulates how many days in the given period you can stay in the country. The maximum, should your visa stipulate this, is 90 days (within half a year). The visa sticker also stipulates how many times you are allowed to enter the country (1, 2 or multiple). Once you have used the full 90 days per half year allowance you have to wait at least three months (calculated from the day on which you left this country) before travelling to this country again

Groups Travelling in Groups For organized groups arrangements should be made well in advance & the group should be lodged together. Please check with the relevant authorities as delay periods required to process the application may vary due to the size of the group/s travelling Participants in cultural, scientific or sports events: Invitation letter from organizer specifying the event (including financial support, accommodation & medical insurance) OR Bank drafts as proof of payment to the organizer etc. in most cases needs to be submitted Groups – less than 40 people at least 2 weeks / more than 40 people at least 4 weeks in advance before departure dates

Foreign Passport Holders

Foreign passport holders must provide satisfactory proof of immigration status in South Africa. Non-South African citizens must present a residence permit stamped in their passport which is valid three to four months or longer after returning to South Africa. Please check with the relevant authorities as requirements and application forms may be different to the above information which is based on South African passport holders visa requirements Information on visa provisions for non-South African citizens wanting to travel to a third country can only be provided by the respective foreign mission of the country concerned.

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