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Conferences Proof of registration and payment must be supplied normally original or by fax Children. In the case of scholars or students a letter from the school / college / university confirming attendance or enrolment with expected date of return Certified parental consent for Children under the age of 18 travelling on their own passport must present a notarised/certified letter of consent signed in presence of a Commissioner of Oaths or Attorney giving permission to travel, from both parents. In case somebody else has sole custody over the child, official documents have to be presented as proof. In case one parent is deceased, death certificate has to be shown. In case of divorce decree proving sole custody has to be presented. If one parent travels with the minor, the other must give notarised/certified permission for the minor to travel with their spouse. Both parents must sign the visa application form.

Itinerary Travel

An itinerary should be supplied from a travel agent as the consular offices need to see all flight details which included times, dates, destinations, passenger names, payment method, reference codes etc…Processing Time Processing Delays It is the responsibility of the applicant to be aware of delays and requirements for the issuance of visas, before making travel arrangements and applying for a visa. The possession of a visa is only one of the prerequisites for entry into a country or territory. Visa applications at consular offices are normally dealt with on a first come, first served basis. At a few offices, where there is a particularly high number of applications, a system of giving appointments has been introduced to reduce waiting times.

Applications should be submitted two to three weeks before your departure date, the date of submission is not counted as a processing day Applicants should make travel arrangements to a country based on the date of entry indicated on their visa. Applicants should not arrive before that date. Applicants should leave the country before the expiry date shown on the visa sticker. The date of departure does not affect the processing time of the visa. The consular office is not responsible for any delays caused by late submission of documents. Visa applications with missing documents including passport will not be processed. Same day visas are not possible with most consular offices

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Bank Statements For Visa

Bank Statements For Visa

All bank statements and bank letter must be supplied in English Accommodation Proof of Accommodation Accommodation should be supplied for all points of stay while abroad in hotels or private residences which in most cases should be faxed directly from the inviting party or hotel. Email proof is not always accepted as this can be edited before printing, some consular offices insist that the proof be certified overseas by foreign policy offices or the police.

Tourist Invitations

Invitations should always be signed by the inviting party preferably certified and explain in depth what they will be responsible for i.e. full or part financial support, full accommodation, will take responsibility while you are in there care etc… Some invitations need to be original and others certified overseas by foreign policy offices or the police.

Business Letter South African Business letters South African business letters should always be an original and must always be signed by a manager or higher and have at least four paragraphs explaining the reason for travel, where they will be travelling to with dates of expected entry and exit from their country this letter must state with whom they will be meeting, letters should have the traveler details (names, passport number, I D number, position held, date of employment etc…) the letter should state that the company will be responsible for the travelers stay and will supply the necessary airline tickets, foreign exchange, travel insurance and will cover any reasonable expenses while on business overseas and indicate when the traveler will be returning to their current position within the company. A one or two line business letter is not appreciated by any consular office and may be rejected.

Employment Letter Employment letter Employment letters should always be an original and must always be signed by a manager or higher and must indicate that the employee has been granted leave and supply the dates. details which should be similar to the SA business letter above.

Self Employed

If self-employed an original company letter is required stating your position held, period of employment, exact dates of your business trip/leave & expected date of return signed by your Company accountant/Accounting Company or Auditors

Business Invite:

In most cases your invite can be faxed directly from overseas but must be signed by the person that is responsible for your stay, as this letter of invitation is a formal pledge to cover all costs associated with the trip it is seen as a “declaration of commitment” from the inviting party, some consular offices insist the invite be original. If the letter of invitation is not on a corporate letterhead the full address must be supplied within the body of the letter. You may not supply a local SA letter as an invite to another country. Consular offices will not accept the letter of invitation if it is not signed or sent by email

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Expand All Passports

Expand All Passports

Your original South African Passport must be supplied as the consular offices needs to check many things for example: passport damage, current immigration stamps, visas, signatures, machine readable etc.. and will need to check the validity for entry into your requested destination, some consular offices require that it be valid for 3 months others 6 months or beyond the last day of your stay. Your passport must be signed on page 32 or 64 as it is not valid until signed by the bearer.

(1)Passports must be submitted without any plastic or leather protective covers To enter a visa and for immigration purposes it must have a least a minimum of two

(2) blank visa pages for the visa label to be inserted, pages that do not state “visa” which is normally on the top of the page is not accepted as a blank visa page. Visa pages that have stamps, markings or stickers are also not accepted as a blank visa page, some consular offices will ask for three

(3) blank “visa” pages others state blank pages must be blank in consecutive order. Please note that the blank page must be a page reserved for visas and must definitely not be those pages that are reserved for Observations or Amendments.

Photocopies of your passport are sometimes required for with your application and is kept on file by the consular offices, these photocopies should always be certified Temporary passports Temporary passports Temporary passports might be accepted for travel through certain countries if proper justification is supplied. The passport must not be older than 8 weeks from date of issue and must be submitted with a certified copy of your Identity Document plus a copy of the receipt for your permanent passport application from the Department of Home Affairs. Not all consular offices or countries accept travel into or through their countries on temporary passports.

Temporary South African passports are currently not accepted for travel to: Austria, Belgium, Burkina Faso, Canada, Central African Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Djibouti, Germany, Guadeloupe, Guyana, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Italy, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Mayotte, Netherlands, New Caledonia, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Reunion, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, St Martin, Sint Maarten, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sudan, Syria, Togo, United Kingdom and Wales.

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