Requirements To Apply Visa

Requirements To Apply For Visa

Requirements To Apply For Visa

Identity Document

Identity Documents

Copies of identity documents must always be certified by a commissioner of oath or notary public

Applications Forms

The visa of your final country of destination (if needed) must be obtained before applying for this visa Visas for visits and business trips have to be applied for prior to entry at the consular offices covering the place

of residence of the applicant Your application form should be completed in black ink, all questions must be answered in full. Applications can and will be rejected if information is missing. If indicated that you must type your information on form then hand written forms will not be accepted. Application forms are seen as a declaration so must always be signed by the applicant or in the case of minors by both parents or legal guardians. Forms that are not sign will be refused


Photos should always be identical and be in colour, standard size photos are 35mm x 45 mm there are consular offices that require different size photos, please see the international detailed requirements read more

Air Tickets

Original round trip air-ticket or E-ticket with all entry & exit information must be supplied. Copies of original tickets must be supplied for consular office files. Consular offices do not make copies and will not accept applications that do not have the required copies for your file Travel Insurance Travel/health/accident insurance Applicants must present insurance policy and a photocopy. Full policy details must appear on the schedule presented : policy number, name of insured person, dates of cover, full details of medical coverage.

Medical aid International Travel Benefits

“Medical aid International Travel Benefits are not sufficient for the visa application if they don’t cover all expenses ‘on the spot’ like repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment” When taking out travel insurance please allow for a few days extra in order for the consular office to be more flexible with the period of the visa.

The minimum medical coverage of the Rand equivalent of €30 000 is required in the case of all Schengen countries If the air tickets were purchased by credit card, a full schedule of benefits from the bank must be submitted in order for the consular office to see how much the insurance cover is in case of  emergencies. A top up policy can be requested.

Visa or Mastercard

Visa or Mastercard holders must submit a letter from their bank confirming the type of card (e.g.: standard/classic/gold/platinum etc) with which the airline ticket has been paid.  A clear copy of the Card must be supplied. When applying in person you are generally requested to present your card. If covered on a company policy, a copy of the policy is required with the Company’s name and passengers name with full schedule of benefits – the insurance policy must cover “assistance” in the case of Schengen areas (not “reimbursement” of expenses when the victim has returned to country of origin)Foreign Exchange Foreign Exchange If proof of foreign exchange is required a minimum amount per day is normally required there are generally three types of exchange that is accepted Original foreign exchange tax receipt bearing applicant’s name plus a photocopy Receipt proof of Travellers’ cheque’s plus a photocopy for your file If using a credit card, an original letter from your Bank with travellers name and stating the credit card number, expiry date and the amount available for travel purposes, (not the credit card limit) and recent credit card statements.

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