green card lottery tips videos compilation

Hi all, if you know the shortest way to reach USA is through the lottery winning watch these videos for tips

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top videos on tips for attaining USA green card

Hi all, John here with you again with latest tips on how you can get your USA green card as quick as possible. Instead of reading tons of articles and still confused, these videos will direct you in right path for achieving green card.

First video is by Heather green consulting


Second video is by gehi law. It is almost 26 minutes in-depth video packed with many tips for USA migrants.

And the final video guides you in quick 10 minutes on how you can get green card through a job with the help of employer.

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top video posts for tips on Australian visa

If you are planning to visit Australia for study purpose you must view the videos given below. We have carefully sorted them based on content and student counseling they contain

Please see videos below

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top blog posts for tips on getting student/study visa for Australia

  • If you are planning to study in Australia we have compiled a list of articles that are top in ranking and will give you best tips to achieve your visa. So read the articles mentioned below and get your Australia study visa in no time.

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Schengen important guideline to avoid rejection in steps

Hi there , john here again your travel expert guru. I am writing these ew lines to guide you about some rare tips for the Schengen Visa . First of all what is this stuff. Actually if you are planning a tourist visit to Europe and want to visit many countries in a single go than having a Schengen  visa will be huge pplus for you because it permits you to travel all European counties without any further permissions . So now you think you will get a huge benefit from this. So now i will guide you how to proceed to obtaining a Schengen visa.  First of all you should know that Schengen  can be of various types these types include visa for tourist, student, business, working and transit. So now we tell you briefly about the cost of Schengen. If your Schengen visa is less than 90 days than you need to pay only 60 Euros otherwise you need to pay 100 Euros. And if you have children accompanied whose age is less than 6 yrs than you don’t have to pay any fees.

Now we tell you in brief some requirements for Schengen. These requirements include fully filled application form

You  can download the visa form from here

Schengen visa download here

Secondly you should have valid passport of your country and also return ticket airline copy. /if you have kids you need there birth certificates as well. If you are a tourist you also need to provide hotel details and income tax statement of last 6 years. If you are visiting your relative than you should give in writing the proof that your relative is willing to support you during your visit.

Finally you will be called for an interview after you had submitted Schengen visa application.

One import advice i would like to give to all people perusing Schengen visa is that read the requirements very deeply and prepare all documents in advance.  Also in order to avoid rejection in Schengen remember one thing don’t let any agent fill up the forms on your behalf always do all the working yourself. That’s all for today happy tourism.

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Planning to visigt hong kong need visa


Hong Kong is a very popular destination for tourists and business men all over the world. And many people tend to struggle to achieve visa of hong kong. I am writing this article as a guide line to people so they feel convenient in achieving the visa.

The first important thing you need to proof to stay at Hong Kong is the proof that you have enough money to stay in Hong Kong. For many countries in the world you don’t need any visa FOR SHORT TIME STAY IN Hong Kong. For example British citizens can stay in Hong Kong for 180 days without any visa. You can check your country visa free entry in Hong Kong from

But remember one thing Hong Kong rules are very strict regarding jobs and education on visit visa. If you are on visit visa you are strictly prohibited to do job or start any education in Hong Kong.

In Step 1 if you are a foreigner who is trying to visit Hong Kong for fun and tourism , you should download the form from here

After that you have to send the completed form via fax or by post to the address mentioned in the link above.

Remember one important thing if you are planning a visit visa you require you should have all the airline tickets in advance.

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Chinese visa tips for new comer in China

Hi all friends, i am john your visa expert today i will be guiding you people on how to get visa for visiting China very very easy. Most of people want to go to China for business purpose and some for tourism also. Whatever your purpose is today’s article will be beneficial for you.

Step 1

So take the first step and download the Chinese visa form from here and fill it up from here

Step 2

Now check your passport. Is it valid for 6 months if it is valid you proceed to step 3

Step 3

Get 3 personal photographs f yours.The photograph should be bare headed

(48mm x 33mm) with light background

Step 4

Arrange your tickets to China and as you are visiting for tourism this type of visa is called L Visa . You need to provide your flights details also in this type of visa

Step 5

Get a proof for Hotel stay in China during the period of your visit

You just fulfill these steps and visit official Chinese visa site and get an appointment directly

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Would i be depressed after immigration to Australia


Hi all Friends, John again here with you with detail in depth article about guidance regarding immigrating to Australia. Australia is considered as one of the most suitable country to live because of its pleasant weather and lots of job opportunities.

If you are planning to immigrate first of all just spare five to six hours and read all necessary information given on Australian official website for immigration

One of the most important facility this website provides you is with the “visa  finder”. this tool will guide you about the options of  visas available to you. For example if you are planning to migrate from any country and want to do job in Australia as a skilled worker, you can opt for Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) and it also mentions the requirements of this subclass.  The form is shown in Figure below


After you have specified the details mentioned as shown in the Figure above take some time in choosing which type of visa you should apply for. Please note that this is a very important step. A minor mistake at this step will lead you to failure later on. So please take some time and choose which visa type is best for you specially the requirements for the visa you should be crystal clear.

We have seen many people who spend a lot of money in the migration process but in later stages they discover that they don’t fulfill any requirement for the visa.

If they have studied the requirements for the visa at the first step they should not have faced disappointment at the later stage.

You can visit the visa finder here

After you have read the requirements , we shift to one another point.

Please think One hundred times that do you really need to immigrate to Australia. If you already doing a job in your native country there are chances that after reaching Australia you don’t get a white collar job. So you might feel heart broken so if you don’t have strong nerves please think again. If you become home sick or feel lonely without your family, still you can be feeling very bad in Australia.

It is my very sincere advice, i have seen very people literally weepy in Australia. They miss their job back home, they miss their family and some people miss every thing they left in their homeland.

If you are kind of person for whom the religious or social values are very important than you should not leave your homeland.

Second most important think you should think before moving to Australia is the impact it will cause on your family , you wife and kids. Many kids react very bitterly upon migration. this was also shown in cartoon movie named “Inside Out”. And that’s a truth that we have seen many families that after immigration the teenager kids became depressive.

its always recommended that if you are yet to find a job in Australia so you should go first alone and set up a home in Australia and later on ask your family to join you. Otherwise you will be in bad situation.

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Most important things to keep in mind when planning movement to USA Part 1



Hi All, John Volton here with top immigration tips for you for moving to USA. If you are not a citizen of USA then there is a possibility that you are one of those millions that dream of migrating to USA. There are tons of websites that guide you in the process but i will also share my personal experiences in this regard and i hope you will benefit form those.

First of all please remember that even if you are interacting with American visa office in any matter like renewal of your green card or applying for student visa, whatsoever is your purpose keep in mind that things move in a slow pace. So you have to remain patient during all this period and you had to remember that people from all over the world are trying to move to USA and there is lots of work load on the people in embassies and in the visa offices so you should prepare your mind to be in state of wait with a hope also. So if you are thinking to take admission in any university in USA, you should apply for student visa at least one or two years earlier. If you keep all these in mind you wont be disappointed.

Now i come to one more important thing and that will be last thing i will be telling you today. Most people dream of the green card. Please don’t make it your aim. your aim should be to become citizen of USA. Because remember that green card is never enough. Anytime they can kick you out of United States on any crime or even a blame. So try to get the citizenship and many hurdles in this regard will be gone.

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